Either we do or do not do, but there is no ‘trying’.

Have you observed that whenever you invite a friend for a party and he says that “he will try”, he never turns up at the party. Let’s take it a little personnel, when your friend or your colleagues ask you to do something and you reply that”you will try”, did you do it. I am sure you didn’t do it.

I used to do this “TRY THING” a lot. I also observed that whenever I said ‘I will try to do it’…I never did it and I am sure it is the same with all of us.

Try is just an excuse for you from being held accountable. It is an easier way out by saying”Hey, I tried”.

I didn’t realize this until few months back when my wife had to attend a day long training program which started at 9:00Am and since she had to work late night the previous day, she asked me whether I will be able to drop her at the venue. I also did a night shift the previous day and being a little lazy, I said “I will try” and then she fell silent for few minutes however I did see a change in her face from smile to all sad. I asked her what happened and she said that she will find a way to go the venue and when I asked her why? She said that whenever I said ‘I will try’…I never did it and she knows that for a sure. It hit me hard…really hard, at that moment I told her I will drop her in the venue and the next day morning I did.

How about this: Let’s Stop trying and just do it or do not do it. Stand by commitment and let’s make life easier for everybody. Period!


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