One simple way to break habits!

I was working till midnight and hence wanted to just write a small and a quick blog. I wanted to keep up the habit of writing a blog every day. So thought, why not write about habit itself.

I read somewhere that if you behave in a particular pattern for 4 weeks, it will become a habit and we both know that breaking a habit is one hell of a difficult job…IT IS HARD…HARD…WORK. Want me to prove, just try to quit smoking.

Let me guarantee you that only willingness to break the habit won’t work, you need to replace the habit you want to break with a new one. Belive me, it works.

In simple way, if you want to quit smoking, replace smoking habit with something else (say drinking coffee). During my college days, I quit watching porn by replacing it with reading books. I read a lot (this doesn’t mean that I used to watch lot of porn ;))


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