Customer service sucks because of the customers!

Customer service sucks these days. While the competition has benefited the consumers by offering them better price, discounts and products, the customer service has not changed much. You always get the same old shitty service.

Reason for this: CUSTOMERS! Who else

As customers you have started to live with the bad customer service companies provide. Let me prove it, you order a pizza home delivery and they promise you that it will be delivered in 40 mins. The pizza reaches you after 2 hrs…you are pissed and when you start to yell, the delivery boy offers you a 50% discount in your next buy. What do you do, You accept and feel happy, thinking you have won a deal instead of rejecting the order and bad mouth about the service to as many people you know. He has delivered you bad service and just by giving you a discount made you feel like he has given you a great service, making you an idiot and trust me you will again order pizza from the same restaurant and experience the same old bad service again. Isn’t it STUPID? You just lived with the bad service.

You walk into a government office for your passport or diver license and how was the experience. Whenever I go to Government offices, something tells me that “it is going to be a bad experience” Why? Because of the way government employees treat, talk and provide service. They underestimate our expectations on service and let them get by with the bad service they provide.

Now let’s look at you: Do you underestimate your customer’s expectations? I am sure you do. What feeling do your customers get when they do business with you? Do they feel cared or they feel like they have one more person who provides bad experience. Make the moment of truth with customers a beautiful experience. Treat a customer, talk to a customer and service a customer as you would expect you to be treated as a customer. Nothing less than SPECIAL!


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