People don’t work!

People don’t do their job. Period! That is the problem. People are so busy (either pretending to be busy or just having fun chatting with colleagues) that they think they are working, when they actually aren’t. I knew it and so do you. You need to beg people to pay attention to the job you delegated or remind them about a simple task…as simple as updating data in an excel sheet. People take longer breaks than they are entitled. They come in late or they call in sick when they aren’t. A study tells that people work only half the time they spend in the office. This means you need twice as many people to do the same job. This results in product prices going up, services are expensive and the business loses money. Bottom line: if you don’t work now, you won’t get paid later.

It is a simple agreement which many don’t understand. The agreement is that when you signed up the offer letter, you agreed to work certain amount of time, for certain amount of days and deliver certain results. The company which hired you agreed to pay a certain amount of money for that work. The worst part is that the company is still paying the amount they agreed to, however you aren’t working as you promised. You spend time walking around the cubicles with coffee saying hello to everyone and I am sure this is not the work you get paid for.

Usually the complaints are that you don’t like your job or there is nobody to motivate you or it is not fun. Come on, people, work is not supposed to be fun and that is why it is called as work. The time you spend in office is called work time and not fun time. People are paid to do their job and not to motivate you. You need to motivate yourself and It shows ‘lack of confidence’ on your part if you need somebody else to motivate you. It does not matter, whether you like your job or not. You are supposed to work for the salary you get every month. Have some integrity and give your best at work and that is what you agreed to do.

Also understand that you are a cost to the company and unless you contribute more than you cost, you are not needed. You lose your value and you become a liability to the company. If you are not going to contribute, Sooner or later the company is going to fire you.

So, next time you walk into the office…JUST WORK!


2 thoughts on “People don’t work!

  1. Hi Mouli,

    Good article. I have some of my views, throughout this article it’s more like a documentary, the narration gives a threatening feeling than encouraging people to get motivated & work.

    I agree that there should be a stick in the hands of managers, not to beat but to create magic & make people work.

    1. Hi,

      I agree that managers should create magic and motivate people and I also agree that overall this post has been on a negtive side. My intent in this post is to shake people up and make them think. WHile the post might sound rude, it has a baseline truth, of what we need to thought about. I am sure, people who have read this blog will remember it, next time they take break, they will take the time they are entitled for, contribution on work will go up and they will think whether they give more than they cost.

      I have done some of the things I have mentioned in the post (Taking long breaks and amount of work we put in) and I always think that I shouldn’t be doing it. My assumption is that so are you and everybody, who actually don;t want to do it , however we end up doing it. It is just a wake up call with lot of noise.

      I take your feedback and will ensure to give more postive posts. 🙂

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