Two simple ways to get things done

Two simple yet powerful ways to get things done;

 Must do today list: Create a list of only three or four important tasks that needs to be completed in the day and ensure it is completed. Don’t leave the office until it is completed. Unlike ‘To-do’ list which has too many tasks listed with most not getting completed and carried forward the next day, a ‘Must do today’ list focus only on three or four major tasks that has to get completed on the same day.

Complete task in one shot: Focus on completing tasks at one stretch by cutting yourself off from all interruptions until the task is completed. A report which might take many hours to complete will get completed much quicker, if you can lock the door, switch off the mobile and focus on the report. Focused one hour spent on an activity will yield better results than multiple 15 mins spent on the same activity at different intervals with interruptions.


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