Are you busy doing the right stuffs?

Everybody is busy, especially the managers. The biggest questions is are we busy doing the stuff which will make an impact to the business or busy handling the urgent and mundane work which is most often handling crisis situations.

When I just had looked at the time spent by me and my colleagues, the result was astonishing:

50% in attending meetings.

20% in either preparing for a meeting or creating presentations.

20% in handling escalations, customers and other crises.

5% in people

3% in breaks

2% in process improvements and breakthrough projects.

This struck me hard on the head. If we were to deliver remarkable results, we should be doing the exact opposite. Most of the time should be spent on generating breakthrough ideas. We should be spending more time with people communicating engaging them, explaining goals, understanding their concerns and supporting them.

Even if we increase the 2% to 10% on breakthrough projects, we would be delivering substantial results and businesses would be thriving. Just think about it.


2 thoughts on “Are you busy doing the right stuffs?

  1. Mouli

    nice one. But the big and priceless as well as the break through ideas all come in a moment of inspired thought process. To me it doesnt matter what the proportion of time we spend on different categories but it only matters to us on how these different categories are mixed up at the end of the day and inspires us to think up on a break through idea or what we call the out of the box thinking.

    yes it would probably differentiate if we spend more time and correctly spend time where it is needed but that alone may not guarantee success , its just that fire of inspiration to tingle tickle and tick away to explode and bring great results


    1. Hi Jaya,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I agree that great ideas comes in a moment of inspired thought process.My point is for that moment of thought process to happen, you need to have your mind free and not occupied with other things. Unfortunately, the mind is filled with either focusing on the meeting, working on teh excel, creating the ppt, handling crises. In this situation where is the time for the mind to have the moment of breakthrough thought. On the otherhand, if we deliberately spend time focusing on improving a process or a breakthough project, we will be able to get much more better results than what we are delivering now.


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