Size does not matter!

People ask, “How big is your team?” Bigger the number, more impressive and powerful you look. People like to have bigger teams, bigger employee base, and more number of branches. If you are managing a team, you want to ramp up and have more people reporting to you. If you are managing a business, you want to expand (even if you are struggling to run the existing ones)

Does size really matter? There are teams and businesses with only 5 or 6 people working and they create far more value than a business with 100 people might contribute. There are thriving online businesses which makes millions of dollars with only 3 people working in three different countries (they are not even working together)

What is important is the value your team contributes to the business. As long as your team is right sized and going to contribute high value, you and team will be always in demand and always remain powerful. Focus on value not the size.


One thought on “Size does not matter!

  1. Hi Mouli,
    Very true … well said.
    I completely concur with your view point. What is more important is that there should be value add in the team members, rather than the team size (without the value add in members). As we can see that from the life of successful people like Bill Gates, that it is most important that there should be ‘real prize’ in the team members contribution to the work, rather than the team size. In fact, he along with his best friend Paul Allen, started a company (with only 2) and proved to the whole world that what is important is the ‘Quality’ in their output deeds rather than the team size, by crashing the two advanced systems of that time which was created by many people from the company. So, ultimately, essence lies in the Value and commitment in the team members to bring out the real asset to the creation and not the Team size (withou the value adds).


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