Are you having “I will do it tomorrow” syndrome?

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All people suffer from the “I will do it tomorrow” syndrome, if not all, at least most of them and I used to be one of them. This is one of the reasons why things don’t get delivered on time and businesses lose customers to the competitors. Tom Peters said in one of his seminars that”if there is nothing called last minute, then things won’t get done”. How true. Think about it, when did you finish your last week’s project meetings action items? 10 mins before this week’s project meeting. When did you prepare for the meeting? 10 mins before the meeting start time.

I personally have lost a lot of time, energy and money by putting off today’s tasks and decisions to tomorrow. When you put off tasks, it just piles up and if things piles up, either they end up in trash or get done in a hurry, which results in errors, and rework, adding to frustration.

You may think that by gaining some extra time, you will be able to do a better decision or do a task more perfectly; on the contrary, more time does not create better decisions. Period! More information may help but more time with no information will end up only with more time lost. By the time you make a decision to start doing your work out, you would have already gained few extra pounds making it even more difficult to reduce weight. Problem comes when you pospone decisions and tasks. It is better to do a good job today than doing a great job tomorrow (when nobody wants it). Don’t make things worse by overanalyzing or looking at details and delaying before you even get going. Start doing things; details can be added later point in time.

David Allen gave an effective tip on handling mail. David says, when you get a mail and you think you can complete the task within 2 mins, just do it and get done with it. Don’t pile up. Either action it immediately, or delegate it or trash it but don’t sit on it. This one tip can reduce things from piling up.

So, when do you send your projects end of day report- today and not tomorrow

When do you start working on your pet project- today and not tomorrow

When do you appreciate an employee, who has done great work – today and not tomorrow

When do you say” I love you” to your spouse – today and not tomorrow

Always do it today and not tomorrow. Avoid the “I will do it tomorrow” syndrome


One thought on “Are you having “I will do it tomorrow” syndrome?

  1. Hi Mouli,
    This is truth brilliantly carved out! I will definitely put 100% to follow this suggestion…
    It has inspired me to such an extent….. I loved this writing the most!


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