What Google taught us?

Google has just changed the face of internet for good. Today, my wife was saying to me that she would like to learn new recipes (especially Mexican or Italian) and then she said that she will search in ‘Google’. It struck me and surprised me, she didn’t say “she will search in internet”, she said” she will search in Google”. I have heard the same from many of my friends, colleagues and strangers. Why is that?

For many or may be all, Google is Internet. Google has done something amazing to achieve this status quo and it was not achieved by luck, but through a very systematic approach and being different from others. So, I started to look at Google to see what are five things I can learn from them and implement in my organization or at least in my team and below are few which I feel makes the difference; 

Keep it Simple: When Yahoo and other search engine sites used to have hundreds of links in the home page making it difficult for people to use (especially for people who do not know or understand internet), Google came with just a simple homepage with a nicely designed logo, textbox and a search button, making it easier for people use. Why can’t we apply the same concept of keeping things simple, processes simple, communication simple, products simple and documentation simple for everybody to use and understand easily. 

Make it Relevant: You want to see travel packages related ads when you are searching for vacations and not when you are searching for hospitals. Making ads relevant is what Google followed which would increase the clicks, because it is relevant to what people want and at the time they want it. Similarly, why can’t we make our work and things we do – relevant to people.  

Innovate all the time: Gmail, Orkut, Google Docs, Share points, Google books and more and more. All results of innovation. Google is the only company which encourages people to spend 20% of their time to work on the pet project of their choice. What stops us from encouraging our people to spend some amount of affordable time on innovating new things or coming up with ideas and think differently. 

Create demand by making people feel important:  The way Gmail was introduced, limited people entry; you can send invite to your friends to a max of 5 invites. This just made people more curious, more interested and people who had invites and accounts felt proud to be part of the Gmail (Gmail invites being sold in E-bay by few people because of the demand). What stops us from positioning our ideas, our services, our projects and products in a way which would create a demand, an interest from our customers to know more. 

The ‘WOW’ Factor in everything: Gmail gave 1GB space when other rivals were giving 500MB space, Google offered people to place ads for penny when other companies were charging thousands and millions for an ad in their site, Google came with schemes which will allow people to earn money by allowing Google to place ads in their sites and blogs, Google never ran TV ads, never pasted posters or print ads, its brand spread through word of mouth because of the simplicity and ‘wow’ factor. It gave a different and fun filled work environment, creating “a want” from people to work for Google. Every step and everything they did was remarkable. What stops us from creating a “Wow factor” in whatever we say and do.


2 thoughts on “What Google taught us?

  1. No wonder y google is on top.. Its purely because they dont ask so many Y ‘s to a employees and always worry about the resultant dollar value , calculate intangible and tangible benefits all the time and restrict u … Few companies have open doors .. But google does not even have a roof… reach higher!

  2. In one interview with a person high up in the ladder ( I forget her name / title), she mentioned that, she used to get emails from an anonymous person with the digits 14, 20, 36 etc ( don’t recollect the digits as well ) and nothing else in the email. These emails used to come frequently and on further analysis she concluded that the emails always landed the next day after Google updated their Homepage. The Number in the email denoted the number of words that the Google Homepage had which signified the rise in the number of character / words every time they update. That’s when she started to keep it simple consciously.

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