Make meetings productive

The biggest time wasters are the “Meetings”. I spend approximately 50% of my time in meetings and I hate it. So do you. While certain meetings are important, most of them are not really required. My experience has been that most of the meetings drift off-subject mid way losing focus on the objective of the meeting. Oh Yeah! There is always, at least one moron who will either ask non-sense questions to show his presence or pass sarcastic comments to gain attention, inevitably wasting everybody’s time.  Because of all the above reasons, one meeting leads to another meeting to another with no results. 

These simple rules (nothing new, but rarely followed) will help control your meeting and make it productive: 

  1. Don’t have meetings, unless it is really required.
  2. If it is required, then invite only the few people who would contribute value to the objective (without whom the objectives cannot be met).
  3. Always have a clear agenda and communicate the same to the participants in advance.
  4. Get the data points required for the meetings ready in advance
  5. End the meeting with specific actions to be taken and make someone responsible for the action along with timeline. Document it and close it.
  6. The most important: Set a timer and if it rings, the meeting is over. Period!

2 thoughts on “Make meetings productive

  1. Wow this so hit home. In January I left a job as Director in Canadian Health Care and the whole day, five days a week was meetings, either on site or teleconferences (most of which existed to justify someone elses existence and pay check). Meetings ended – almost everyday – by 1500 hours. Then the real work started and most Directors in my position stayed an extra five to six hours a day to answer phone messages, do reports and justify their own existence. The most successful Directors went home around midnight three days out of five. I would go on but the rant would last pages and pages and to what end except to destroy what peace of mind I have found since then!
    Thank you and keep them coming!

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for reading my blogs and for taking time to post the comment. It gives nice feeling to see people reading my blog.
      I can relate to what you are saying and it is very true that most of meetings are just to justify someone else existence. Most of the long workings hours are due to this. Some people are just focused on showcasing to the management on what can be done (without thinking) to justify their existence and spoil the work life balance of the people who actually do the job. In case of yours, I can understand how much of your valuable time would have got wasted because of such people and those lost time could have been used to spend with the family, the pressure you would have undergone and at least those lost time could have been used to just get a good night sleep, instead of working to prove things promised by somebody just to show off.
      Thank you once again and your comment is definitely a motivation factor to write more 🙂

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