Become indispensable

We need to break out of the traditional mindset about work. We have been brainwashed and fine-tuned to think that we need to go to work every day, put in mandatory ‘X’ amount of hours, work long hours, follow instructions and do what your boss says, the way he says it and faster than expected. We fear and hesitate to do things differently, we hesitate to be creative and we hesitate to put across our opinions and ideas to add value to what we do.

The traditional way of working was relevant during the factory era, but now in the knowledge era, it doesn’t work. Businesses desperately need people who can make a difference to the work they do. They need people who can bring innovation and genius to the table. This is necessary for the businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Nobody cares how many hours you work or from where you work as long you generate money and value for the business.

We all need to start thinking, what is that we can do to our fullest potential than limiting ourselves in doing what has been instructed. What are the areas we can create a good impact, what innovations we can do at our work to create a new market or to change the way our customer service works or to the add value to the bottom line. What is that we are learning from our work and how we use the learning’s. What uniqueness we create for ourselves that we become indispensable.

It is all about less working hours, contributing substantial results and enjoying work and life. Don’t get lost in the crowd. Become Indispensable.


2 thoughts on “Become indispensable

    1. I understand your point of view, however indespensable is totally different from irreplaceable. Indespensable all about being remarkable, craving a unique path of yourself that there is a demand for the skillset. Unlike being irreplaceable, being indespeansable will get you promotion and more growth. 🙂

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