Why make it complicated, when it can be simple

I always wonder, why people try to sound big when they aren’t really. As soon people enter the office, they change into a different person, they use jargons, they want to document everything, and they use “policy” language, display artificial friendliness and trying to act professional. Why is that we can’t be just who we are and keep it simple. Why is that we are so afraid to be ourselves. Nothing is wrong in “being you”.

Impressing boss or the top management has become high priority instead of getting things done or focusing on important activities of the business. When show off is important then the way we speak creates the first impression. If this is the case, then why spoil it by showing off using jargons and other business abbreviations.  Let’s keep things simple and direct in our communications, in our e-mails, in our blog posts, in our presentations, in the way we talk and behave. Let’s not talk about “monetization” and “being transparent” and use buzz words, instead let’s talk about “making money” and “being honest” and keep it simple.

Let’s speak to our employees and customers as we would speak to our friends. Let’s cut the crap of the buzzwords and make it more conversational. Write to be read and speak to be listened. Don’t get too concerned about the words you use in your e-mail or in your speech, what is important is the message you pass on. Why make it complicated when it can be kept simple.


2 thoughts on “Why make it complicated, when it can be simple

  1. It’s funny that in my early years of nursing, before I became a Manager, I wore a uniform. When I wore it I was confident and knew what I was doing. It took a lot of years of maturing before I felt that way about the rest of my life.
    I think some companies have the right idea about being yourself; West Jet for one..but it is rare. It would be nice if your blogs reach some of the “bosses” and things can gradually change. A nice dream that is!

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