Enjoy your work or just quit

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In the corporate world full of office gossips and people complaining about the work , it is rare phenomenon to find people who just love their work. It is so important to enjoy your work because it makes a lot of difference to the output you deliver. If you don’t like your work then you are not 100% dedicated to what you do, this only means, you just do the work for the sake of doing and hence the result is also going to be just for the sake of delivering something as result.

If you do a presentation with passion, selecting every picture, every data, every word, adding and editing you presentation to perfection with a focus to deliver a best in class presentation, just believe me, the presentation is going to be best in class. Same applies to everything you do. So, Just enjoy every interaction with your customers, every meeting you attend, every hiring you do, every report you prepare, every presentation you deliver, every challenge you face on a day to day basis, enjoy the failures and enjoy the learning you get from those failures and enjoy every success too.

We spend most of our time in office, doesn’t it make sense to spend the time enjoying the work we do (not enjoy at work). The day you stop enjoying your work, just quit and start doing what you enjoy. I enjoy what I do and the day I stop enjoying my work, I will quit.


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