Read…listen…watch…but learn

When we were kids, learning was the only activity we did and it was fun to read books. However, when we grew up and got into a job, we started thinking that the days of studying and learning is over. Reading became boring. We got into the happy mode of ‘all is well’ until one fine day; someone comes with better knowledge or skill or with a specialized certification and overtakes us.

With the heavy competition at work and in the business, the only way to keep up is through continuous learning. It has never been easy as it is today to gain knowledge. All the required information is just a click away at free of cost. There are thousands of books, blogs, audio books and video seminars available for free in the internet. All one needs is to allocate time to read, listen and view these contents.

Just a quick check, If you are in marketing, how many sales related books have you read? If you want to become an excellent manager, how many management books have you read? Ask yourself, how many books or blogs or seminars you have read or attended in your area of work. If the answer is none, then how do you intend to excel in work? If you want to win at work, you need to read a lot. Period! Don’t give the excuse, I don’t have time or I don’t have the habit of reading books. Nobody is born with the habit of reading books. I am proud to say that I am a book addict because books have changed my career in a positive and upward direction. Just pick any successful person in any field or industry, I can guarantee you that they all read a lot of books.

What are your chances to meet in person with management guru’s like Tom Peters or Peter Drucker and marketing gurus like Seth Godin and motivational guru’s like Zig Ziglar or Les Brown or Brian Tracy…Close to Zero (especially if you live outside US) however what are your chances to learn the concepts and teachings of these experts through books…Close to 100%. Reading books is tough if you are not used to it, however if you get used to reading books, it opens a door to infinite wisdom.

Start off with reading at least one book a month. If you are not a reader, then listen to audio books on your way to work. Think for a moment, we waste so much time getting ourselves involved in gossips or watching movies or laze around switching channels and all these doesn’t add a pinch of value to our career and if the same time can be invested in reading just one book and by just taking one idea from the book and implementing at work can get you a promotion. Why not register for a certification program or get a membership in a nearby library. Start reading today.


4 thoughts on “Read…listen…watch…but learn

  1. Mouli …..Brilliant advice!
    I too realised the importance of reading quite sometime back , when i felt that i am lost and am not in competition with the world…! but have started reading from then on…. After reading your blog, it inspired me more to read on more and more ….. will definitely do it, Thanks for ur precious advice !

  2. I am reading too.. nowadays when I read management books or books on self improvement.. I just realised I have been practicing at least 25 % of their preaching…

    I said to myself ” great Going” 😉 by the way if you find a book extremely interesting or useful do share it with me… Because am a man of extremes 😉

    1.’s been are you.
      Recently I read “The richest man in babylon” and loved it. It is not a management book or self-improvment, it is book which will change your life finacially and the cocepts are told in form of stories making it an intresting read.

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