Create a niche for yourself

The go to person in my office, when it comes to creating a presentation is my colleague and a good friend ‘Vijai’. From entry level people to the top management everybody goes to Vijai for PPT creation. Creating PPt’s is not his core job, his core job is managing an operations team. And nobody asked him to become specialized in creating ppt’s and it took lot of hard work and unseen effort for him to specialize the skill, but it is worth it and a valuable asset. He has created a niche for himself – “expert in creating ppt’s”.

Creating niche will get you noticed, not only by your boss but also by other people and their bosses and also the top management (which is very critical). Niche helps you identify a unique selling point for yourself; this makes you stand out of the crowd and makes you get noticed.

It is not nessary that you should be an expert in ppt to create a niche for yourself. You can be known as a person who is excellent in creating reports or the person who is an expert in the product knowledge or a person good at data analysis or a person who is good in training people or a person knowledgeable in automation or a person who is good at follow up and closing things on time. My colleague ‘Basant’ is the guy to go, if you need to complete a task which requires follow-up. He will just ensure the tasks are followed up until it is completed on time and he does it in a well documented manner. This get’s him visibility he deserves for the hard work he has invested.

If you are serious about growth and want to get noticed, identify a niche area for yourself and become an expert in it. Be the person known for a specific skill and get noticed.


3 thoughts on “Create a niche for yourself

  1. Hi Mouli …..great writing….! An inspiration to identify the “YOU” talent in ourselves..!
    It reminded me of my official life, which I enjoyed once. Now I am back to student life.
    Even though, i didnt create a nische in making ppt, preparing reports and analysing things; I did create some impression in my project team in these areas. I worked in the team for only 4 months. but had a great time and felt mmmense pleasure on knowing that many people liked my presentation and reporting tasks and analysis work… Yes though I was not expert , I enjoyed those moments when people came up to me and said nice… Thanks for the great suggestion… will follow in future of my life…

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