Take the First step

It’s been almost six months since I wrote my last blog and here I am, back again. I was very happy to get mails from friends and others who have been following my blogs stating that they miss my blogs and asking me to start again. Every single day in all these months, I have been thinking to start again however never did. The little voice in my head kept giving me excuses that “I don’t have time” and “I am busy” and “I am tired” and ect…ect. And today after six months I took the first step to write again. If I had not taken the first step, I wouldn’t have started again and you won’t be reading this blog post.

Few days back, I was listening to zig ziglar and he made a profound statement “A person who does not take the first step can never take the second”. You need to start somewhere and starting things in a simple way is better than not starting at all trying to be perfectionist.

Just think for a moment, “where will you be in five years from now based on whatever you are doing today (things you eat, things you do, friends you make and disciplines you follow)”. If the answer doesn’t seem good or not the one you want to be, then you need to make changes in what you are doing and you need to take the first step to make the changes. You cannot change the destination you want to reach overnight however you can make small changes to the direction you are going every single day to change your destination.

For example, if you are fat or gaining fat and you want to reduce your weight then you can’t change your weight overnight however what you can do, is change the direction by changing the way you eat and start taking a small walk every day. This is not the difficult part and the most difficult part is to start doing it. Weather might be bad, little voice in your head would ask you to sleep a little bit more, you have to reach office early for a meeting, you might find hundreds of excuses however just keep changing the direction to your destination and you will see the difference.

Start today on the things you want to do and take the first step. Let me assure you that once you start you won’t be able to stop and this will boost up yourself-esteem.


3 thoughts on “Take the First step

  1. Hi Mouli,
    A brilliant come back!
    Ur writing reflects the idea of “There is no 1 giant step , but it is a combination of many little steps.So fear not to take the first step”
    As you have rightly said it is very important to make the first effort in the right direction to make a move and eventually you will see urself moving towards our goal to conquer it. Your writing mirrors the saying – The stone is always broken by the last stroke.It doesnt mean that the previous strokes were useless… Success is a result of continuos efforts!

    Salutes & Cheers,

  2. MJ is back!! I miss your blogs very much.. I miss my own most 😉

    I will be back with a bang soon… I still remember all your one liners ~! ! !

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