Create the ‘WOW’ factor

Recently me and my friend went to Ford service center and experienced a terrible customer service. The service center had a board named “Interactive customer service”
and it was just the opposite of what it claimed to be. we waited for 3 hours without proper response from any of the service managers in the location. My friend called the toll-free number of Ford to complain and it was never answered.

This made me talk to my friend about the excellent service I experienced with Honda. Once I had a car breakdown and I called Honda service for help. Within the next 15 mins there was a service man on the location of the breakdown. He came to me and my wife greeted us and even before he asked us about the issue, he took us to his car, made us sit, switched on the AC, gave us wet tissue, a small cool drink bottle and water bottle, made us comfortable and then asked us about the car breakdown. He even offered to drop us home in the car so that we need not wait on the road until the car is fixed. This small gesture of making customer feel important made the entire service experience remarkable. The cool drink would have cost Honda just ten rupees however it gained my loyalty and advertisement worth thousands, free of cost through word of mouth as I spoke about the
experience to all of my friends and relatives.

Always do a little extra than what you are expected to do and that will make you remarkable. Whether it is the service you provide, the work you do, the time you spend with your family, do “the little extra”. As Seth Godin always says “Remarkable is what we call something we remark on.”


One thought on “Create the ‘WOW’ factor

  1. Boss ,

    I remember this incident when you narrated it on one of the dinner talks …

    Here in TCS my manager always says abt adding the delta X to what ever you do.

    Just a small step , a small gesture , a simple smile , a moments patience is all it takes~!

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