Steve Jobs – The man I wanted to be

Have you ever experienced a feeling of missing someone you don’t know and have never met? Today I had that feeling for my favorite role model, Steve jobs. He has been the greatest inspiration for me and he is the man I always wanted to be. I just miss him. I am sure people who love their IPod, IPad and IPhone will miss him too. I am just wondering what “INext” is going to be without Steve.

I have spent hours together watching his keynote presentations in you tube and admired the way he talks and sometimes trying to imitate him in my presentations. I like him:

1. For his keynote presentations

2. For his ability to convey ideas in simple yet in unique way

3. For his aggressiveness or should I say his arrogance or ”Attitude” is a better word

4. For his innovations (I can’t think about living without my IPod)

5. For his outlook on designing

6. For his passion towards the things he does

7. If you take a dictionary and look up for the word perfection you will read the synonym to be Steve Jobs

8. For his ‘drive to win’

9. For his competitive spirit

10. For his outlook towards life, work and relationships

It is amazing how a person can touch one’s life and make a difference and I am grateful to Steve jobs for the difference he made to me. Nobody can replace his place in this world however everybody can make difference to this world or at least themselves by knowing about this wonderful innovation of god and learning from him.

Thank you Steve and this blog is dedicated to Steve jobs, the man who made a difference to this world and conitues to live in the million hearts of his fans.


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