We are not stupid, just lazy

I have seen people who start to learn guitar or write a book or join a project management course and then drop mid way saying that they are not cut out for it. They say that they don’t have the talent to play guitar or do math and call themselves stupid. Are they really stupid or are they lazy?

I would say that we are lazy and we cover it by saying we are stupid. Anything and everything in this earth can be learnt with little practice. Give it time and you will pick up. Unfortunately, we don’t want to sweat out, we want things to happen overnight. We want to become rich overnight, we want to paint like Picasso overnight, and we want to play music like A.R. Rahman overnight. We always look for easy fix and quick win. Think of any activity you dropped mid way and you will find that it was because of laziness and if you have spared some more time and practice you would have made it.

What amazes me is that we’d call ourselves stupid than lazy. We think being lazy is bad and calling ourselves stupid is cute. At least laziness can be fixed by accepting it and correcting it. Stupidity is the worst thing that can happen to us in this world. So let’s start to learn things which we dropped out off and get rid of laziness. I have started again to learn guitar and started doing my workout.


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