Measure and award results and not efforts

Results differentiate the success and failure of an individual or an organization. Many might argue that efforts need to be rewarded even if the result is not achieved. This is visibly debated during yearly performance reviews. What is the value of the efforts if the expected result is not achieved?

A team might put 100% effort in a project to reduce errors or improve customer satisfaction however if at the end the errors don’t reduce or customer satisfaction score doesn’t improve then the whole project has been waste of time and effort.

Evaluating results is more objective and is pretty much black and white than evaluating efforts which is more subjective is perception based and could lead to lot of controversies. If results are the measure of Success then it is important that the goals which are set are realistic and communicated clearly. It is better to have only four or less key goals with high impact than having a laundry list with less or no impact on key focus areas. Of course the next step is to measure the goals properly.

One thing which works well is to establish a scorecard to regularly measure the set goals. Scorecard is just like the report card in the school which tells whether the individual has passes or failed basis the results achieved. Good results attract promotions, investors, raise the share price and bring success.


One thought on “Measure and award results and not efforts

  1. Hi Mouli ,
    very correct… This method of evaluation from the results achieved will drive people to drive their efforts also into successful efforts… Otherwise many people will not put in so much efforts, since efforts cannot be measured in true sense, sometimes they may also be misguiding…

    The method of rewarding based on end fruit would be moe appropriate as you have coined 🙂

    Salutes and Cheers!!!

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