Multi-tasking is not effective

In today’s world, Multi-tasking is seen as a critical skill. Many see it as a special strength and brag about it in their resumes. Is it really possible to multi-task and if it is possible, how effective is it? A study by Oxford University and Microsoft in 2007 has showed that multi-tasking doubles the mistakes and length of time it takes to do an assignment. John Medina in his book “Brain rules” says that the brain can act on task only sequentially; this means brain can focus only one task at a time.

We usually try to work on the laptop and listen to employees in one-one at the same time, I have personally done this so many times and I feel that I was not able to listen to them 100% while working at the same time. How successful have we been whenever we try to do multiple reports at the same time? We mess up when we try to do multi-tasking.

Focusing at one task at a time and doing it to the best is very effective than trying to do multiple things at the same time and screwing up. Just remove ‘Multi’ from multi-tasking.


One thought on “Multi-tasking is not effective

  1. Hi Mouli,
    I should say very frankly, You just took words out of my mouth… still I wonder how people can do “multi- tasking”. By Multi-tasking,I meant doing mutiple difefrent tasks simultaneously, I tried to do many times, but meanwhile my mind alerts me and my heart throws caution that I may not be doing it with full attention it deserves. I feel I haven’t given my best then if I do so …. I mean you can do tasks intermittently, but i don’t think tasks can be done simultaneously….
    But many people advise to do multi-tasking, sometimes I wonder if only I am notable to do “multi -tasking”. Even I have read in an article in Newspaper on brain that “each of the brain cells can respond as quickly as 13,580 times in a second…! but it also said, it can only respond and react to the same kind of tasks…”

    Salutes & Cheers!!!

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