Hire New Thinking

When we do hiring, we usually look whether the candidate will fit in well with the team, whether the candidate has good attitude and will listen and do as what the boss says. We ask questions to check the candidate’s analytical skills, communication skills and willingness to work beyond shift hours etc.

We don’t check, whether the candidate can bring in new thinking into the processes. Whether the candidate has the capability and courage to speak up for the right things? What different things and improvements has the candidate done in his previous organization apart from his normal work? What value he can add to the team than just fitting in with the team? Would the candidate disagree with the boss appropriately if required rather than just being a “yes-man”?

Most of the times, we want to hire a resource to fill the head count gap in the team than hire a potential leader who can bring in change and new thinking. We are happy to hire a resource, who will come to office, work hard and leave without creating trouble than having somebody who has rebellious ideas and working style, but definite to create value. If we come across a potential hire who will challenge the way we do business and differentiates himself from the regular lot – make him an offer.


3 thoughts on “Hire New Thinking

  1. hi Mouli,
    Slowly, companies have started looking for such people I believe. This will really add on value since even if such one talent is present in each team, he /she instigates the others as well to think out of box. When I was freshly recruited recently, there were questions where our out-of-box thinking knowledge was tested like they gave some situations where usually people feel there is no way out of the problem, but a little task to the brain will reveal that there was a simple way out to solve the whole problem. They even test wheteher we always want to follow the traditional ways of work or are capable of suggesting in new views which has better efficiency.

    Salutes & Cheers !!!

    1. Hi Vish,

      I agree that lot of companies have started to hire such people, however this has to become the culture in every company to bring a change in the hiring process.While testing and gauging one’s ability to think out-of box is not that easy in a 30 mins interview. Based on the level for which hiring is done, the interview model has to be changed. My thought might look little weird, but definitely at certain levels it makes sense Let me give you a small example, if you are hiring a person for sales, wouldn’t be good to take the person to the field and observe how he actually makes sales, how he communicates with the customers, how he organizes sales call, how effectively he reads a prospective customer and how customer reacts to the candidate as a sales man. This is better way of gauging than just sitting in a room and making a decision basis what the candidates says and claims as his achievement. What I say might sound little too much, but does gives you a chance to select the right person.

      1. Hi Mouli,
        I completely agree with your point. Yours is a good approach to highlight that the model of interview should be dependant on the level for which the hiring is done. It ultimately “adds value and is not value- detrimental”. Your approach is actually a guidance for those in the hiring team, its not at all wierd, it’s in fact practical too… though not too easy in adopting (when it comes to mass recruiting), since it will be “worth” the effort made to identify. As i have already mentioned its a good approach. there should be a change in the People’s view that it would be waste of time spending in identifying the right ones or they may think it will lead to conflictual situations. but it is not!
        The approach and amount of time spent to identify the necessary talent should be proportional to the levels of hiring. At the same time, I agree that a particular time limit (30 mins.) and that circumstance cannot serve to be ultimately deciding too ..:)

        Salutes and Cheers !!!

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