Manage Your Boss

It is far easier to handle a team of people than to handle your boss. It is important to manage your boss’s expectations. Do not confuse this with “kissing his Ass” (pardon me for my words), but I am talking about managing him through your work. I am talking about being proactive in tasks that need to be done, being responsive, maintaining good relationship and proving that you are on top of things. It is important to make your boss look good, this means make him feel proud through your teams performance and by contributing to his priorities. The question is how?

First understand your boss, you need to know what he likes and what pisses him off, what are his priorities, his deliverables, understand his leadership style, Understand his strengths (use them to your advantage), his weakness (cover it for him).

Secondly, take ownership on the tasks. If a task is assigned to you by your boss, ensure you allocate resource and time to complete the task on time and the way he wanted. Think of ideas and share with your boss, go to him with plans of implementation and actions, share the credit with your boss. If you make your boss look good, he will make sure you look good.

Third, don’t surprise him. Keep him posted all the time, if you are going to miss a deadline, keep him in loop. If you are achieved something good, keep him in loop. If you are taking an action on your team member, keep him in loop. The last thing you want is that a customer or your boss’s boss asking him something about an escalation or appreciation, which he has no clue off.

Finally, the most important thing “get aligned”. There may be situations where you might like or dislike your boss’s decision, but align yourself and get it implemented.  You can disagree with your boss, you can fight with him but at the end ensure to align and support him. If you can’t get aligned then it is time to look for another job.

These are few genuine ways by which you can win your Boss’s trust than “kissing his ass” model.


One thought on “Manage Your Boss

  1. Hi Mouli,
    Exceptional pathfinder…:)
    i think this even serves as a “rule of thumb” which orient towards strengthening the relationship of our dear ones too…! please correct me if i am wrong…:)

    Salutes & Cheers !!!

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