Become Valuable – What is your return on investment

Are you more productive than what you are paid for? Do you generate more ideas than you are expected to generate? How does the profit and loss account of your team look like? Do you generate more revenue to the company than what you cost? If the answer is yes, then you have the high chances of being recognized, getting promoted and be in job when others lose. It is all about return on investment you produce to the company.

It is always business, people would continue to invest in a service which will give a good return on investment? Work is like a service agreement, the company invests on you (salary and benefits) and you deliver results, service and generate more money in return. Every day, your boss, your customers and the organization is gauging your value. This happens directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly but it happens. If the value goes down, the service agreement is cancelled and the service provided is changed.

just think – Are you providing a good return on investment to your organization? Come up with ways by which the company can make more money or save more money than you cost to them. If you do so, you have earned the pay and made the difference. If you do so, irrespective of whether the organization recognizes it, I guarantee you will feel more valuable to yourself.


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