Passion drives amazing results, Google, IPod and all of these amazing inventions exist because of a person’s passion in their work. Projects doesn’t drive the passion, it is the passion which drives amazing projects. Passion is people specific and not project specific. I have heard people say that they have lost interest in their job because the project they are working is not interesting, or they don’t have a good boss. What a crappy excuse. Many give this and I was one of them, then I realized that to be passionate in your work, you just need to be passionate, period.

People with passion just want to make things happen, they want to give their best in every task they undertake and they don’t care about the nature of the job. Even if they have to jump into a shit hole to remove a cog, they will do it with passion and in the most beautiful and efficient way. They will do it with a smile. They are the ones who go around the office smiling all day long, making difference to their people and the organization. They are the ones who will always think of ideas to improve the things around and encourage others to do so as well.

For example; if your boss asks for data, don’t just give the data. There is always someone who can do this much faster and cheaper than you. Be passionate about the task, analyze the data, and give a summary of your observation on the data collected that is where you create the difference. The first is just work or task; the latter is the display personal responsibility.  The choice is yours, either you can show up every day to office, do the job assigned, follow the instructions and be one among the many or you can show up every day, do things with passion, enjoy your work, make a difference and get promoted.


4 thoughts on “Passion drives amazing results

  1. Hi Mouli,
    The most bestest one…..! Super likes…:)

    One has to be passionate in whatever he/she does to stand out…. be it at work place, educational institution, or in daily life public place, home … in every walk of life because
    I strongly believe “Passion brings life to every task. Passion makes the world go round….!”

    Salutes & Cheers,

  2. Hi Mouli,

    Interesting post…..but does it work alwasy….when you do something with too much passion, you become good at it and sometimes too good at it that you become irreplaceable… are not redundant….I have seen many associates in collections processes and many agents in credit card sales processes who have a passion for collection and credits card sales respectively…..but the sad state it they stay agents forever…..they do it with so much passion they deliver good results and hence they are best at the position….if they get promoted they dont do the same job anymore and the company loses the best guy in that position….hence they may be kept in the same role….

    this is just a different take though overall i agree with your point of view… VP in my earlier organisation who moved me into quality from operations used to say quality is 50% knowledge / intelligence and 50% passion which i have seen is true over the last 5 years…

    Dinesh S

    1. Hi Dinesh,

      Thanks for visiting the blog. The point is that whatever we do, from simple to the complex stuff, the idea should be to give the best of what we can. Passion automatically comes when we try to do it that way. IF the same sales agent when he get promoted tries to give his best then automatically he/she achieves the results. I am talking about the passion on the things we do than passion for a specific job or role. However nice viewpoint and it is true that sometimes great players don;t become good captains.


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