Safe zone is not safe

How many times have you lost good opportunity to work with good people because you liked your current team?

How many times have you said ‘no’ to a new complex project because you were comfortable with the current project and didn’t want to start again from the start?

How many times have you avoid joining a new course because you waited for your friend to join?

How many times have you not implemented a good idea because you thought it would fail and screw up your reputation?

How many times have you said, “a known devil is better than an unknown angel” and let a good opportunities go by?

If you are feeling comfortable in your current job and role, then there is something really wrong. Being comfortable is the worst thing that can happen however many think the opposite is true. Being in the comfort zone, is boring, stops innovation, doesn’t bring out your real potential, kills your passion and makes you fail. Still many like it.

Comfort zone makes you to curl up in the corner, be in the same role doing the same thing, avoiding risks and makes you lazy. If you don’t pursue new risks and explore unknown areas then there is no chance of you to fail and also no chance to learn and grow. Discomfort brings change, a new beginning. Just imagine, if Steve Jobs would have become comfortable with iPod, then the world would not have got an iPad. All the amazing inventions we use today are created due to discomfort. Everything is ok is not ok. Everything good enough is not good enough and everything that is comfortable is dangerous.


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