Where do you hide your brilliance?

You think you are stupid. You think whatever you say would be foolish and you don’t speak up. You have big ideas, big opinions and big insights however you think short of others. Opportunities are for people who speak up at the right time. You go to meetings and keep quite in spite of knowing that what is being proposed won’t work. You don’t speak up for your team member when needed because you don’t want to oppose your boss. You don’t speak up when one of your colleague is trying to take away the credit for your work because you want to come across as a good person.

Just think, do you ever say something smart every day, discuss about some breakthrough ideas every week, if you could just speak up and do something about the idea by projecting it at the right time, you could make multi-million dollars for the company and yourself. The worst part is that you won’t do a shit about it and let the opportunities go by. You pass smart comments in twitter and do great networking in face book and when it comes to real life; you curl up in the corner or sit in the last bench without getting noticed. You speak at the back and not in the front when required. You whine all day long than taking it up with the right person and bringing in the change. You are ready to pretend to be busy than speaking up to ask for new projects. Why this fear of failure in spite of you being so brilliant.

Where do you hide your brilliance? Show up and speak up.


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