Don’t worry, just think

Shit happens. It happens to everybody and all the time hence it is no use to keep worrying about it. It is better to think and overcome the situation. Worrying doesn’t help, thinking does. Who knows probably you will learn or discover something new from that situation. I have heard about an incident which happened in Richard Branson’s life.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines was traveling to Virgin Islands for an important business meet and it was an important meet that it could break or make his career. To his surprise the flight he was supposed to travel got cancelled and it was the only flight for the day. Many would have freaked out in such a situation and would be shouting at the airport and would have created a scene. Branson kept his cool, didn’t worry and started thinking what can he do to change his situation. He knew he can’t do anything about the flight which got cancelled and worrying about it is useless. He walked across the airport to the charter desk and inquired about the cost of chartering a flight out of Puerto Rico. Obviously the cost of high and he knew he can’t afford it.

He borrowed a blackboard and wrote “Seats to Virgin Islands, $39” and put it in the airport where the other passengers were waiting. He went to the gate and sold enough seats to his fellow passengers to completely cover his cost and made it to Virgin Islands on time. Decade later he started the Virgin Airlines and made millions.

Next time, you face a bad situation, you can make your choice, either to worry or take control and think about changing the situation to your favor.


4 thoughts on “Don’t worry, just think

  1. Hi Mouli,
    brilliant one 🙂
    Serves as an guiding light to stay cool and forsee what could be done to make things better and best even in tough times.

    “Think different and beyond, be outstanding” !

    Salutes & Cheers!!!

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