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I came across an interesting story in Daniel Pinks blog, where he describes about his visit to a Pizza restaurant and saw a sign with the photograph of the restaurant owner Giuseppe Farruggio: asking the customers to call his cell in case they had anything less than a great experience at the restaurant. What impressed me is that Giuseppe didn’t give his customers a feedback book as found in lot of retail stores, or an email address to send feedback or a toll free number to register complaints but he gave his cell number (Shows accountability and shows that he takes customer service seriously). By giving the cell number he also showed that he wants to interact with his customers and wanted his customers to tell him how he can make their experience in the restaurant great (not good, but great). I am sure that he would be getting lot of calls from customers telling him what a great experience they got and these customers are sure to come again and again and also refer their friends.

Just think the difference it could make to your customers if you give your cell number to call in case of any complaints or to provide any feedback. Make customer service personal. Show them you are accountable and you are there to assist them. Keep the communications open with customers all the time. Believe me customers are going to love you and going to recommend you to their friends. They are going to give you more opportunities to work with them. I manage processes which provide sales support and every time a sales manager needs an urgent order to processed or have a concern or complaints, they call my cell. Calling me directly gives my customers lot of confidence that they are able to interact with somebody who can help them. This has helped me build good rapport with my customers and they have a positive impression on my teams.

Customer service is a serious business and needs great attention. Ask your customers to call your cell in case they didn’t get a great experience.


2 thoughts on “Call my cell

  1. Hi Mouli,

    Good one…very true that the top guys take accountability for the customer service. In my earlier company, i interacted with a US Financial Services company that used to be ranked 1st or 2nd in the world in customer service. The customers would have the cell phone numbers of the SVPs of each dept and they would call them straight. When the client SVP was in Chennai, a call came after midnight from an irate customer and this SVP solved the problem through the night and finally told the customer he was in India. The customer was amazed and so pleased.

    When we had pizza hut and qwikys as start-ups, when you ring the bell near the door that you are satisfied, the entire staff wouldf shout in unison “thank you”. These days even if you ring the bell,
    there is no response from them. Are they taking customer service and satisfaction easy.

    Take Saravana Stores. Customer service is the most pathetic here. We crib but still shop for price. So we are willing to let go of customer service for price. Ain’t it?

    Dinesh S

    1. Hi Dinesh,

      Thanks for reading the blog. While few people who take the customer service seriously many just don’t care. I was amazed when i read about this instance of providing the cell number by the owner. We do it in our office for sales support and that makes a lot of difference to the sales folks.

      And you rightly said about saravana stores where we still buy things in spite of bad customer service. I wrote blog on this called “Customer service sucks because of the customers!” in Feb’11. i also believe as said in that blog of mine that too an extent the customer service is bad because of the customers themselves. We have made up our mind to live with good enough than demanding for the best in class. The mind set of both customers and the organization should change. It is no point of co-existing but to exist in unison.


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