Why do you go to office every day?

What is your reason for going to office every day? Is it because you want to create something new, to add value to your customers, the excitement to drive your projects or is it because you feel you will lose out if you don’t go to office for a day or because of the ethical feeling that you get your salary hence need to show up every day. The day, the reason becomes the latter; it is time to move to a different role, a different organization or to do different thing. If going everyday to office doesn’t excite you then something is terribly wrong because it is an indication that you lost interest in what you are doing. You are just frustrated about something.

Whether you like it or not, you need to work hard and give your best for the salary you get every month. Honoring that agreement is primary. Just keep a watch out for the reason you go to office, and if the answer doesn’t sound good, just move on to the one you like. We spend almost one third of the day in office and if it doesn’t excite you, you have messed up the joy of working and spoiled the day. You are not going to make a difference and you are not going to grow. Sooner or later, your organization is going to realize it and fire you. If you are able to relate to any of the below points then think for changing either the role or your mindset. Either get out or align:

  1. You feel irritated throughout the day
  2. You have not initiated any new idea for the last two to three months
  3. You fear of taking leave, because you worried what will happen the next day
  4. Either you are just keeping yourself occupied with non-relevant tasks or you take too many and longer breaks
  5. You don’t have clarity on what you are going to do so you whine a lot.
  6. Everything your organization does sound stupid to you.

If you could think of more, feel free to add them in the comments column.


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