Get rewarded or get punished

I always wonder what is the underlying reason or motivation for every task, project or activities we do. The motivation could either be the reward for successful completion or the fear of punishment for messing up. This is applicable for everything we do in our life and work. For every activity, there is reward or punishment. Send the report on time and you won’t get questioned (the punishment) for sending it late. You rush and volunteer to take a new project because you want to differentiate yourself from others and get growth (the reward). Book flight tickets to your vacation late, the flight costs are going to high (the punishment). Listening to your partner can get her love (the reward).

If the “get rewarded or get punished” concept used properly, it can yield amazing results. By providing clarity on what a person can gain or lose by doing a task can make a lot of difference in the effectiveness of the results that can be attained.  Whenever you assign a task to your team member or colleagues always tell them what they will gain by doing the activity or penalty they might face if they don’t complete the activity. Try it with your team, I guarantee you amazing results.


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