Ten most influential people in my life

Recently Harvard Business Review published a list of “The 50 Most Influential Management Gurus of 2011” and it was interesting. It was good to see few Indian names in the list. This made me thinking, if I had to list down ten most influential people in my life, how the list would look. There have been so many people who have played a vital role in my personal, professional and spiritual life. Below is the list (not in any top ranking or order), just the people who had a great influence in my life, in their own way:

Osho:  Great mystic who helped me understand life, gave a new outlook on life, religion and god. I love listening to Osho talk, the way he question things, I like his amazing courage and the king size life he lived. Thanks Osho.

Jayaraman (My Dad): My greatest role model. This amazing man taught me to have belief on hard work, loyalty, to live by principles, to trust people, to enjoy friendship and to respect people for what they are without any expectations. He is a simple man with simple thoughts and enjoys simple things in life.Thanks Dad.

Seth Godin: He taught me to remarkable in everything I do, in my presentation, in my work, in my ideas and in life. He talks about simple ideas in simple words. One of my favorite blogger and I learnt to write short blogs (not this post) from Seth. He was my inspiration for my belief in the concept of “be remarkable and not just good enough”. Thanks Seth.

Libeth Sunitha (My wife): I can’t express in few lines on what this beautiful lady has done for me. She has been with me all the time, applauding on my success and motivating me to get up again from every failure. She is an “Iron lady”, very strong in heart and a go getter. She taught me to never give up in life. She takes care of me like a baby. I love my wife and I am proud. Thanks Leethu.

Zig Ziglar: He is my car partner; I listen to him while I drive to and from office. I learnt to talk in public from him. I just love his singsong voice. His talks are like energizers to me. He is the ultimate motivation guru. Thanks Zig.

Kamal Haasan: My favorite actor and a great inspiration. He taught me to be crazily passionate about the work. He taught me to be a perfectionist and to keep learning new things. Thanks Kamal.

M.V.R. Sastry: My Ex boss, an amazing boss. Nobody can be so perfect in planning like Sastry. He taught me the importance of reading books. He is a living example to show that “Knowledge is power”. He can explain a very complex concept in a very simple and easily understandable way. He is the other word for versatility. He taught me from goal setting to driving projects to thinking differently and to add value to work. Thanks Sastry.

Peter Drucker: The greatest management guru of all time and he is my favorite too. I learnt everything about management and business from Peter. His concepts, principles, his thinking has changed everything about management. I have learnt so much through his books that has helped me in my work. Thanks Peter.

Sai Baba: I am a born Bhramin(Hindu),married to a Christian and have friends from every religion. I follow Osho and I don’t like religions and with the kind of outlook I have on life and religion, he is the only reason I have some amount of spiritual quest left in me. If not for him, I would be an atheist. The miracles I have experienced cannot be expressed in words. Thanks Baba.

Steve Jobs: MY favorite CEO/ Innovator. He taught me presentation skills. He taught me to be innovative. He taught me the importance of design. He taught me leadership. He taught me to be creative.Thanks Steve.

There are many more people who have made a contribution to my life. I have not interacted face to face with most of the people mentioned in the above list and it is amazing to know how unseen people can make a difference to my life.

I would appreciate and be happy if you can share at least one influential person from your life in the comments column.


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