Lessons from the Mumbai Dabbawalas

Many may think what can be learnt from the Mumbai Dabbawala’s who mostly are illiterate or 8th graders but I was surprised when I really came to know what they do. Day in and day, the dabbawalas deliver thousands and thousands of lunch boxes to office goers. They have never ever missed or mixed or misplaced even one lunch box. I was amazed by the discipline they follow, the passion they have for their work, the ownership they take and the value addition they do to the customer. For them the customers are god and duty is the most important thing in their life. Below is the talk given by Dr. Pawan Agrawal in TED:


One thought on “Lessons from the Mumbai Dabbawalas

  1. Hi Mouli,
    amazing … even I was taken aback from the Mumbai dabbawalas’ sincerity towards their commitment and their humanely well organised way of serving 🙂

    To IIT, KGP as a part of some event, Dr. Pawan Agarwal was invited to deliver a talk on the same… It was even more good to hear the success story from him.
    What a perfect managerial skill? Realised… And it reminds that from every beautiful creature on this earth, there is atleast something which is worth to learn…

    Salutes & Cheers !!!

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