Don’t dump garbage into you

Would you let someone dump garbage in your car or home? Even better, would you dump garbage in your new BMW or in your living room? If no, then why do you dump garbage into your body and mind? We dump garbage day in and day out by smoking, by drinking and by eating fatty food. We dump garbage into your mind by thinking negative, by gossiping, by your ego, by not helping a person in need. Few may say smoking and drinking is not negative, wake up! It is, Period. Anything that impacts negatively on your health and positive mental attitude is garbage. Would you let your pet or child smoke and drink all night? If you won’t throw garbage into your few lakhs car, how can you think of throwing garbage into your multi-million/billion dollar mind? Isn’t it crazy?

Positive thinking will not do you anything. How much ever optimistic I can be, I cannot play like Sachin Tendulkar or stand a chance in the ring with Mohammad Ali. It isn’t realistic. But Positive thinking can make me do everything better than negative thinking. I would have at least tried doing and learnt new things compared to a negative thinking which would not made me start. I am better off running 500 meters than running zero meters thinking I can’t. Please don’t dump garbage into your friends and colleagues and families mind as well. Clean the mess up and do something good, something new and something positive.


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