Become Effective

It’s been long since I wrote a blog. I made a New Year resolution that every day I will write a blog and from that day on I have not written a single one. Another good example that new year resolutions don’t work. I realized that it does not require a new year to start doing something and all it requires a bit of commitment and lot of discipline. Here goes a new start and a new blog.

Most of the times I have seen many executives get lost in the flow of day to day actions and lose focus on the primary objective. They end up being frustrated and dissatisfied with the results they produce. They are busy all day long with no contribution to the organizations goals.  What should the executives do to ensure results are delivered and they work on what matters. Peter Drucker gives eight practices which effective executives follow and below are practices:

  1. Effective executives ask, what needs to be done?
  2. They ask, what needs to be done is aligned to the goals
  3. They develop action plans
  4. They take responsibility for the decisions
  5. They take responsibility for communicating to the team, stakeholders and customers
  6. They focus on opportunities rather than problems
  7.  They run productive meetings
  8. They thought and said “We” rather than “I”

The first two gives the knowledge that is required to get the right things done. The next four helps in converting this knowledge into actions and the last two ensures everybody feel responsible and accountable. The question is not on the concept but on the execution of the concept and as I told you earlier all it requires is a bit of commitment and lot of discipline to execute.


One thought on “Become Effective

  1. Hi Mouli,
    good one.. Loved the way u have ended … The last few lines really carry the heart of the message to be conveyed !
    will be defintely a take away message for me too … willl definitely try to implement atleast few in my task assigned …. just felt like that i came across it at the right time 🙂

    Salutes & Cheers !!!

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