Trust never fails you

I was having a talk with one of my close friend yesterday and he mentioned about this amazing restaurant called “Akshyapathiram”. What excited me is not just about the quality of the food they serve or taste of the food they serve, but the way customers pay the restaurant for what they eat.  Unlike other restaurants, the menu card they give the customers does not have any price mentioned against the dishes. the customer can order whatever dish they want from the menu and once they finish eating, they can pay whatever amount they feel like paying. Interesting isn’t it. The whole business model is based on trust on people. The restaurant owners trust that the customers will pay reasonable amount based on the service and quality offered and customers respect that trust and pay them well. There is time when some customers don’t pay but many do. irrespective of whether the customer pay or not, they are treated similarly “Good” The restaurant is doing well and their customer base is increasing.

Just think, how it would be to build business models based on trust. I have seen certain websites who offer services and ask customers to pay a donation to keep up the website than asking them to take a paid membership. when you demand, the customer demands as well and you have to take care of the business. When you don’t demand, the customer respects your service and the customers take care of your business. Isn’t it true in our normal day-to-day life as well.

Trusting people never fails you or pull you down. Of course you might have some who might try pulling you down or take advantage but there are many who will pull you up. Andrew Carnegie is said to have 43 millionaires working for him and all of those people were normal people with zero money when they started their career. A journalist asked Andrew Carnegie how is able to find the potential of people so easily when others find it difficult. Andrew Carnegie told that finding potential in a person is like digging the earth looking for gold. When you start digging you will find lots and lots of dirt and other unwanted materials before you find the gold. Thing to remember is that you went digging for gold and not for the dirt however you need to handle and remove the dirt before you find the gold within. similarly, everybody is good in their own way and before you find that good, you need to handle all the dirt and the way to handle the dirt is through Trust.

Trust your customers, Trust your friends, Trust your family, Trust strangers. Trust never fails so never stop trusting people.


2 thoughts on “Trust never fails you

    1. Hi Siva,

      No harm in trusting a stranger to be good however I am not suggesting you to be stupid.As a Kid, i was thought not to trust strangers, but life has thought me to have a different outlook. I think life’s teaching is better.These days you can trust strangers than trusting relatives and known people 😉 and you know for a fact this is true. You and Me have the right experience in this. This Hotel is in Allahabad.


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