Don’t look behind

I was watching Olympics transition racing and there was a sports man who was running and was constantly looking behind to check if any of his fellow competitors are close enough or probably he was checking whether he is the last person. This made me thinking, why is that we need to keep looking back than leading. why don’t we actually think of winning and being first than having the fear of the competition and losing in the race.

Why don’t we think on how we can create a new product than adding more features to the product than our competitors? Why don’t we think of creative ways to make our customers special than offering our customers freebies like others? Why don’t we think of being a leader than following the crowd?

I think, it makes more sense to be unique and be confident in our potential than worrying about the competition. Our potential will make us more successful and help us grow in any field and any market we operate in. Looking forward to take the lead will help us think differently and be remarkable. It will make us improve things, be innovative and give the best in what we do. Thinking about competition and looking behind will only make us worry and limit our creative thinking. It will make us think only in the lines of the competitor and not beyond. It will make us follow the crowd and not let us find a new path. Take the road less traveled and make a difference to yourself.


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