Three best things to leave behind

Many feel money and wealth is the best thing to leave behind for the family and I think there are three things which are far better than money to leave behind. While I wish my grandparents had left me lot of money however I was not that lucky and so are many in the world. The below three things can make a hell a lot of difference to the life of people who we love:

1. Pictures: Take lot of photos. Pictures of all the events you experience. Nothing can be as memorable as the pictures you take, they speak a thousand words. Never miss take pictures of family, the places you visit, the key people you meet, the good food you taste, happy moments, successful moments, friends, and everything around us.

2. Build a library: What could be the best asset than books and don’t miss to leave the books which helped you. Have you ever seen a leader who does not read, a rich person, who does not have a library? Doesn’t it make you think, how come all successful people have a library at home. I think the ideas they read from the books have made them rich. Have management books, books on sales, novels, books on spirituality, religion, philosophy, self-help books and books related to skills. Build a library and that would make a difference to life of yours and the people you love.

3. Notes you took: Ideas you thought off, notes you took from the seminar, Ideas you documented but never implemented. Quotes that inspired you, poems you loved, experiences you noted down. Just think the difference it can make. Leave back the notes you took.

Start now to collect all the three things and keep collecting. Dig out old pictures, go to a second hand shop and buy some books, in case you couldn’t afford to buy a new one. Buy a notebook and starting take notes and capture ideas. Do it just for a month and see how it feels, It is just going to be amazing and I am going to do it as well.


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