A good advice

Don’t focus on your weakness, this might sound like a bad advice however this is the advice most of the motivational gurus, boss, friends and people around us give us. Why do we have to fight hard for something we lack than using to the best of what we have. It takes more effort and time to come over your weakness than using your strengths to your advantage.

In his early years, Lance Armstrong, the greatest cyclist the world used to be good at winning win short distance races however was not a great long distance racing like Tour de France. he knew his strength was his explosive power and this helped him in winning short races. To win Tour de France, Lance developed a plan, a plan to use his strength, to use his explosive power at the correct moments of the race and this allowed him to explode with power when needed to get the lead. This maximized his strengths and led him to win seven times in a row at the Tour de France.

Why can’t we follow the same philosophy at work? Identify your unique strengths and use it effectively at work as Lance did at this work. Use your strength as often as you could in the areas you could. Pick up tasks and projects at work where you can use your strengths and showcase your potential. Use your strength to get new clients and new business. Use your strengths to grow in your area of work. If you are good at cooking organize cooking classes. If you are good at training, what is stopping you from conducting part-time classes for college students.

Using your strengths in your career will not only make you successful but also happy. Focus on your strengths.


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