You don’t need the rope to be safe

Today I watched Batman – Dark Knight Rises and was just amazed. It was a visual treat for a movie freak like me, who also happens to be a batman fan. Batman always inspired me. Unlike other superheroes; he is just an ordinary man with extraordinary will power and determination. He is logical at the least.

Anyways, there is a scene in which Bruce Wayne (batman) tries to get out of the pit where he has been caged. He wants to get out of the pit and so he ties himself to a rope for safety and starts to climb. He comes to a point where he has to make a jump to climb out and he misses it and falls. The safety rope saves him from dying. He tries again and fails for the second time. He tries again, but this time without the rope and without the safety. He comes to the point of the final jump. He knows that he can’t afford to make a mistake; there is no rope for safety. He knows it is a life or death situation and winning is the only option. He makes the jump and he succeeds.

Now, the question I have for your is what rope are you tied to? You won’t take the risk for the fear of losing the comfort, for the fear of failing, for the fear of being wrong. You won’t quit our job to get into a business as you fear that in case the business didn’t work out as expected and you won’t have a job. You want security even at the cost of growth and fortune. You are not ready to change your job, your role or even try something new without a rope. It makes you believe in the safe zone (the rope) than making you believe in your potential and yourself. The approach with the rope tied is negative, you think and plan for the failure, thinking that you will fall whereas if you take the risk without the rope, you are thinking positive, you are thinking about winning without exception and there is no other way that to win.

You will amaze yourself on what you can do if you put yourself in a position where you have climb or get messed up. Have a strong plan to be successful; don’t rely on the back up, the safe zone. Find your rope and cut it. If you cut it and try new things in life, you will make it out of your life’s pit. Trust me, you will do amazingly well and surprise yourself.


3 thoughts on “You don’t need the rope to be safe

  1. hi Mouli,
    Mind blowing…. It was an eye-opener. Though we all know somewhere inside, we tend to supress the dareness to overcome the hold on the rope ( which we believe will rescue us from risks) that actually holds us back from our aim…..!
    It was truly an inspiration for me. I promise that I will cut down that beholding Rope and leap ahead ! Thanks for the great push to mind.. 🙂

    Adding on , I would like to say that We actually need not find the rope, in fact, we know which is the rope , deep inside our heart … Its just that we have to gather all the dareness to rip it off !!!

    Salutes and Cheers !!!

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