What gets you fired up

What motivates you? A poem, a song or a scene from an inspiring movie. Everybody needs something to trigger their drive, their motivation up. At work it could be talking to a colleague or a person you respect. Everybody have and do things which would pump their energy level up. Some do it knowingly and some unknowingly. When you are down and have taken a fall, a spark of fire can be lit just by an inspiring story. For me Movies are of great motivation. I get motivated by watching some of my favorite and inspiring movies. I feel fresh and ready to face this god damn wild world.

Muhammad Ali used such a story to find the right intensity in the ring. As a young boy, he loved his blue bike. One day, he parked it in front of the grocery store only to find when he came out that someone had clipped the lock and rode off with his prized possession. He never found the bike again or who had stolen it. But Ali used this story to his advantage. Every time he entered the ring, he would point at his opponent and say, “You’re the guy who stole my blue bike.” For Ali, his stolen bike is the driver and gets him fired up.

Do you have a story or image such as Ali’s which could pump you up quickly? If so, punch up that image and use it to your advantage. Find you flame. Find your fire that can motive you.


3 thoughts on “What gets you fired up

  1. I read this story years ago in a collection of short stories book. I wanted to read it again, to my football team before our BIG game this week but can not find the book or a copy of the story. Can you help me? It was written as Muhammad Ali telling his story and I think it would inspire my kids.


    1. Hi Sean,

      Thank you for visiting my Blog. I am not sure on the short stories book however I came across this story in a self Development book called ” Full Throttle 122 Strategies to Supercharge Your Performance at Work” by GREGG M. STEINBERG. It is a nice book with references to lot of such stories however this book is not a short stories book but on self Development. The book written by Muhammad Ali is “The Greatest: My Own Story, written with Richard Durham”. I will look into my collection of books and see if i can suggest books which will suite the scenarios you are looking for. I believe you are looking for stories and concepts which will inspire and motivate your team towards success and winning. I will share with you the relevant materials as in when I find them useful to you.


      1. Great! You are correct in what I am looking for. I did find a blog about the “Blue Bike” story and I used that and my memory to make an abbreviated pep talk. I used it this past Friday, as I did 15 years ago and we had the same outcome . . . A great Victory!!! We are 8 – 0 this year and we have a “Huge” obstacle again this week. We are playing another undefeated team that is nationally ranked and hasn’t lost to an in state team in several years!!! Any motivation you can send my way is greatly appreciated, thanks for taking the time to email back!

        Sean McCarthy

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