Catch them doing something right

Fault Finders. We are all fault finders. We find faults in others as if there is a reward for it. We find faults in every situation, every person we come across and in ourselves as well. Why should we be ‘Fault Finders’ why can’t we be ‘Good Finders’? We wait for our colleague to make a mistake and we rush to highlight it to the boss but we rarely take time to walk up to our colleague and say “what a wonderful person he/she is”. If you would have done the latter, don’t you think the respect your colleague has on you would have improved significantly. 

We think finding fault is a great skill and we abuse it to the maximum possible and end up getting negative results. The greatest skill is not “Catching people doing something wrong”, the greatest skill is to “Catch people doing something good”.  When an employee makes an error in a transaction we call  the employee to a meeting room, give a piece of our mind, take actions and bring all the attention on the employee but we don’t even bother to walk by  and have small talk with the employee who is sitting in a corner and processing transactions without any errors day in and day out. If we can’t or don’t appreciate people then we don’t have the right to criticize them. 
I have heard about a school in US which started appreciating students for good things they do like helping an old lady across the road or picking up waste paper lying on the floor or coming on time and putting it in the garbage etc. They shifted their entire approach from penalizing students for doing bad to appreciating for doing good. This created a significant change in the attitude of the students, every student wanted to get appreciated by the teachers. Sometimes the teachers would write a note to the parents on how good their son/daughter have been and the students are expected to get their parents signature on it. Just think, how happy the parents would have felt when they signed the note and how much of self-esteem would have improved among the students. 
Why can’t we adopt the same model? Why can’t we encourage a culture of ” Catch them doing something right”?  Look for good in others and others will look good in you.

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