Change today to make a difference tomorrow

Little HopePast is past. Over is over. Bad or worse doesn’t really matter. What matters is what you are today and what you are going to be tomorrow. It is time for a new start…a fresh start. A chance in life. A chance to make a difference. A chance to achieve your dream. A chance to win the promotion you missed. A chance to gain the health you wanted. A chance to express the love you always wanted to express but didn’t . If you don’t like what is happening in your life, you can change it today. You can start to change the direction of your life. You can start new disciplines and new habits. You can start over again the things you left in the mid thinking it won’t work. Live the life you want to life.

If you had failed in the past does not mean you have to fail in the future. If you have not achieved your dream does not mean that you cannot achieve your dream in the future. But your future is determined by your actions in the present. Say for example, you got very low scores in your previous semester, you can change all of that in your next semester by change the way you prepare starting today. All I want to tell you is that there is hope in the future. For you, for me and for everybody. Hope is such a beautiful thing and unfortunately we miss to see the magic of hope. Zig Ziglar quotes, “If there is hope in the future there is power in the present”.

You can start anything you want today irrespective of your past and make a difference to your life. The only thing you need to do to start the change is to “decide to make the change”. I really like what Jim Rohn said, Jim says that “the first step to success is to believe what you want in life is possible and to believe what is possible is possible for you”. I have started the change in my life with this blog. It has been quite a few months since i wrote my last blog. I thought I should start again if I really wanted to become a motivational speaker in the future. What about you? Make the choice to follow your passion and make the change in the direction of your life. Just make the choice, have the hope and win in life.


4 thoughts on “Change today to make a difference tomorrow

    1. Hi Balaji,

      Your comment was like a music to my hears. Thank you for saying it and it was a great motivation for me. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.


    1. Thank you. Yes, it has been a long time. Lot of times, we give excuses to ourselves for not doing something, I finally broke it. Thank you once again for reading the blog and taking th etime time to comment.


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