Break it before it breaks your dream

dream_by_gokhantutak-d2xosk9I was watching the movie “Turbo” yesterday and was just amazed by the making of the movie and the way the characters are portrayed. I was even more amazed by the message the movie conveyed to all of us. It is about a small dreamer(a garden snail) having a big dream of racing in the “Indi 500″(a F1 racing tournament) and how he wins the race in spite of all the challenges including that he is a snail and he supposed to go slow by the rules of mother nature. Throughout the movie, “Turbo” gets beating from everybody saying that “he is a garden snail and he can’t go speed racing” and every time he was told that he can’t make it, he will bounce back refusing to believe the limitation and finally he wins. Just think for a moment, if only he had believed what his brother told him or his friends told him or others told him that “he can’t make it”, he would have “never made it”. He won because he refused to believe his limitation which others tried imposing on him and overcame it.

Doesn’t the same thing happens in our lives as well. How many times in your life, you were told by parents, friends and relatives that:
You are worthless
Stop painting and start studying
You must be crazy to say you want to enter into movies, only celebrities sons and daughters can make it big in movies
You are stupid
We are working class and can’t become rich
you are not even worth to be a garbage collector
and more and more and more…

All these are limiting beliefs which you started believing about yourselves and stopped pursuing your dreams. Just for a moment think of something you want desperately in your life but you don’t have it currently, you will find that it is because of a limiting belief you starting believing. I remember my limiting belief which I started believing from my childhood that “middle class people should study hard and work hard, they can’t waste time getting into movies”…I still regret every night that I didn’t follow my dream of becoming an actor.If only I had been like “Turbo”.

Stop believing that you can’t do something. I really loved a dialog from the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” in which Will Smith tells his son “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t have something”. Very true isn’t it. Lot of times in our lives we allow others to tell us what we should or shouldn’t do. Larger part of our life, we are living others dream than that of ours. Be like “Turbo” break every limiting beliefs you might have and overcome them. Never drop your dream just because others feel you can’t achieve it. What matters is your belief on yourself. At the end you will reach your goal but people who laughed and made fun of you will be in the same place as they are today but you would have progressed. Live the life you wanted to live.


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