Broken agreements

Broken_Promises_by_HerrFousDo you remember the vacation you planned with your family but never went. Do you remember the old friend you were supposed to call and never did. Do you remember the party you were supposed to go but called up at the last-minute giving excuses for not making it. Do you remember all the agreements you made and broke. Probably you might say that you didn’t break it intentionally but your reasons doesn’t matter…you broke it all and that’s reality. One question, whenever you broke agreements, how did you feel? If I am not wrong, you would have felt miserable, guilty, sometimes you lost money and sometimes you lost relationship and all the time you lost your reputation. How do I know? I have been through all this as well.

This blog is a result of one of the broken agreement of mine. I had made an agreement to myself that I will write a blog everyday and I broke it yesterday. So thought I should write about breaking agreements. Why do we break agreements? Why did I break my agreement? the answer is “Comfort”. Watching a movie was more interesting than writing the blog which I committed to write. You break agreements because of comfort. A nice sleep early in the morning is more comfortable than a walk. Watching TV is more comfortable than spending time teaching your kid. Chatting in “whats up” is more interesting than studying maths which you always fail. Just think, how much have you lost because of focusing on temporary comfort than your agreements. So, we break agreements because of comfort.

Do you remember a time when you committed to be in multiple places at the same time just because you didn’t want to say “No” and upset people. You promise to take your friend to a movie on a Saturday and when your boss wanted you to work on Saturday, you say yes to impress him and then your girlfriends calls up saying that she wants to go shopping on Saturday and you say yes to it as well to make her happy. You end giving reasons to everybody. You look good when you say yes to make people happy but the only to spoil your reputation by breaking your promise. Sometimes we also break agreements to gain approval from others.

How do you ensure to keep your agreements? Simple, just do not make agreements which you can’t or have no intentions to keep up. If you agree then make it up even if you have loss your comfort or say “No” to people. At the end of the day you need to feel good about yourself and you will not feel good if you are going to have broken agreements.


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