Appreciate yourself

just_the_way_you_are_by_angeliqueraindrops-d392lboWhat is the best thing about you? Have you ever appreciated yourself for it. If you don’t respect yourself, how do you expect others to respect you. We feel bad if others don’t appreciate us for the good things we do but hardly we think about appreciating ourselves. Because we miss to appreciate ourselves, we miss to recognize the amazing person inside us. We run behind people seeking, asking and sometimes desperately wanting somebody else to acknowledge our achievements and when that does not happen, we feel frustrated and angry. Why depend on others to motivate? Why not motivate ourselves? Why not celebrate our victories ourselves? Won’t it make us feel good about ourselves. A pat on the back is important and who does it does not really that important.

Peter Thigpen, former vice president at Levi Strauss & Co used to keep a “Victory Log” with him all the time. It is a small book with all the victories he had in his life. It includes both Big victories like “I opened a market in China” to small victories like ” I got my teen age son to clean up his room”. He never misses to write down his victories. And when he was about to do something scary, such as negotiate a multi-billion dollar deal, he would read his victory log to build up his self-confidence. “Victory log” was his motivation book.

When most people are about to embark on some scary tasks, they tend to think of events when they tried something similar and failed instead to thinking they can make it, they get into self-doubt. Focusing on victories can really boast up the self-confidence and positive energy. Just think for a moment an event when you had a small success, didn’t you feel like you are th eking of the world and it boasted your self-confidence to such a high level that you were even ready to take over the world.

Start your own “Victory log” today. Write down all your small and big successes. Read them when you need motivation. In my experience, if you can make your dog not pee in the living room, you can achieve anything you want in your life. It is a small victory but a big leap. Over a period of time, this victory log is a testimony for the amazing person you are.


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