Application of knowledge is power

Stairway_to_Knowledge_by_blanklivesKnowledge is not power. Application of knowledge is power. You can’t call yourself a good driver by just knowing how to drive a car but only by driving it. I know how to make an awesome traditional filter coffee yet I have not tried more than once and the one time I tried, it came out pathetic. I have the knowledge of making filter coffee like nobody yet it is useless because I never make coffee. But I can talk about coffee-making so beautifully that I can motivate you to an extent that you will become desperate to drink filter coffee (No wonder, I want to become a motivational speaker ;)). Lot of times we get carried away by the knowledge than the ability to implement the knowledge. Just think, we all have attended seminars, lot of training programs, we read a lot of books and through all these mediums we gain a lot of knowledge however how many times in our life do we apply whatever we learn. I work for a big corporate and we attend a lot of good training programs, most of which are also very expensive however lot of what we all learn is never applied in our regular work in-spite of all the training programs are relevant in our job. We talk about return on investment.

Even in interviews the candidates are checked on his/her knowledge and rarely on whether he/she has done the work and have hands on. Learning gained through managing a project directly is different from just knowing project management concepts through courses and listening to other project managers. You can read the book “Men are from mars and Women are from Venus” however if you are not going to try the ideas suggested in the book, your relationship is not going to get any better than what it is today. It is the same in every area of life both personal and professional. Let’s assume that on an average you read one book every month (Some read even more and I read about three every month), that is 12 books every year and if you have to just take one idea from each of the book and start to implement in your life, don’t you think it will make a huge difference to your life. We are talking about 12 ideas which can change your life. Some ideas are so simple to implement and yet so powerful that it could literally change the direction of your life for good. Still many of us don’t do it. Sometimes we don’t do it because we don’t know how to implement it and sometimes we are not willing to implement it. Most of the cases are “Will” issue than “Skill” issues.

I know a person who can talk about fitness, he can tell what to eat and what not to, what workouts to do to get a six-pack abs, he can give a good schedule, he knows how much calories every food item has and how many calories you need to burn everyday to reduce your weight and on and on and on. The only sad part is that he is 20 kg overweight with a big single pack in the center and eats like crazy of all the things which shouldn’t be eaten. Pure knowledge but lacks application of that knowledge. This person is no stranger to you, most probably I am talking about you, who have joined gyms, got books on fitness, has a beautiful schedules but still don’t do anything about it. List down ten things you gained knowledge on but have not implemented and go implement it now. Remember Application of knowledge is power.


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