The bullshit stories we all give

excuses_by_froztlegend-d6x5ymeIt has been quite sometime rather a long time since I wrote my last blog and the break has been good. I call it good because if feels great to know that my blogs were missed by people. It was great to know that I had followers across the world. Isn’t it something for a writer? It is, at least for me, making a difference to unknown and unseen people through words is a big thing in a small way. Many asked me why I stopped writing. While I always wanted to write everyday, I kind of got very busy with my work, was putting long hours at office and by the time I got back home, I was damn tired and I just wished somebody would carry me from my sofa to my bed. Writing needs you to be in a good frame of mind, right topic, right environment, right people around you, everything has to be right…right…right. Wow, this is the most amazing bullshit story I used to convince myself and others for me not writing on my blogs regularly. But the reality is “I was lazy and chose to watch movies than write something useful”.

 Don’t we all use some stupid excuses to convince ourselves for coming short in our endeavors. Nobody can be as creative as us when it comes excuses. We have one reason or the other for not doing what we wanted to do, for not following our dreams, for not achieving what we could have. We give all sorts of excuses which we know are just lies and stories. I don’t have time to go to the gym (Hell, you have, if you can find time to watch movies), didn’t pursue my dreams cause my college education was important (Dude, how much did you score in your college, hope you are university gold medalist), I am more of a night person so can’t wake up early in the morning for a walk (But you can wake up early to watch a football match), I am not creative person to try new things (but you can come up with creative bullshit stories), I have too much pressure at office, I have to smoke a cigarette (Why not try to work instead of wasting time in the break smoking cigarettes spoiling your health as well as work) and the list goes on and on and on. we give too much excuses than results. we cheat ourselves and we deceive ourselves.

We need to start believing ourselves that we can do more than we think we can. The problem is the need to do something and it is not skill or will, most of the time we have the skill to do things, lot of times, the will to do things as well but what we lack is the determination to do things we wanted to do. We should change the way we think. Don’t think “we can do it” rather think “we should do it”. First is an option but the latter is a compulsion. We need to choose to win not participate and convince ourselves. First step towards that is to stop giving excuses. Think of your excuses stopping your results and start doing things and take responsibility. Why not start learning guitar, taking short films, write a page, read a book, learn a skill, making a difference for a needy. All needs doing not excuses. Follow your dream, we can start today and make a difference tomorrow. we have nothing to lose but to gain one way or the other. Let’s not be the “choice” but the “chooser”. Happy changing.


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