A gift you get everyday

Money to grave_There was a rich man who had worked hard for 55 years. He earned and saved loads of money and one day at his 70’s decided to live his life happily. The day he decided to enjoy his life with all the money he had, somebody was standing in front of him smiling. The rich man asked him “who are you? and why have you come without my permission to meet me?”. Smilingly the man told “I am death and I have come to take you with me”. The rich man said,”this is not fair, just now I have decided to enjoy my life. I have worked hard all these years, I have compromised everything to earn this money and you can’t take me now”. Death said “you don’t understand, I don’t come on invitation, I come and invite when the time has come”. The man said, “I will give you 50% of my wealth, give me a month to enjoy.” Death said “I can’t give you a month, you have to come with me right now”. The man pleaded “I will give you all my wealth, just give me a day to enjoy.” Death said ” you don’t understand the way I operate, I don’t negotiate. As a matter of fact, I can’t give you even a minute”. The man begged “give me at least a moment”. Death said “Ok, do whatever you want in a moment”. The man rushed to his notepad and wrote” People who are running behind money, start enjoying life. Money can’t even buy a moment of life” and left with death.
Money can’t buy life, yet we run behind it like crazy. Money is one of thing that is important, not the only thing however we have made money the core focus of our life. Lets live our life to the fullest and lets not waste even a moment cause once the moment is gone, it is gone, we can’t get it back. We have made a routine out of our life, we have literally made an imposition by reliving day after day doing the same thing, get up, eat, go to work, come back, watch TV, eat again and sleep. Let’s realize that this could be our last day and if we get to see tomorrow, it is a gift from god. So let’s treat this gift from god with respect. With trust, god keeps investing 24 hours and in return, we should create as much value as possible in that 24 hours. Let’s realize this and stop running for a moment and start to enjoy things around us. Don’t eat you breakfast, but enjoy the taste of the food and love with which it was cooked by your mom. Don’t try to rush and beat the traffic but enjoy the way to your office, Don’t just sit back and watch TV but spend that time with your loved ones and say how much you love them.Enjoy the fragrance of the flowers, naughtiness of your kid, affection of your dad in his anger.  For all you know, today might be your last day. So, create as much value as you can in the day you have been given. Learn new things, make people smile, enjoy music, dance to glory, love your loved ones as much as you can and sleep with peace.  If today is a gift  unto you, how you spend your today is a gift back unto him. Live happily and make your life meaningful and a one with gratitude. Let’s live and not just exist.

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