What have you Created today?

creation__by_indiaeWhat have you created today? Have you created a smile on a strangers face or have you created happiness for people around you by cracking a joke. Have you created shade for your future generation by planting a seed today. You may not be there to enjoy the shade but somebody who enjoys the shade in the hot sun will thank you for planting the tree. Have you created a report that helped your boss to make smart decision because of which the company made few more dollars. Have you created a sense of recognition for your apartment watchman by appreciating his good work with a pat. Have you created a feeling of “being loved” in your spouse by flirting with her like the old times. Have you created a sense of security giving a tight hug to your kid. Have you created a sense of relaxation for yourself by gifting you a few moments of silence.

We are not just born to live an unnoticed life and die without being remembered. Essence of creation by the great creator is to create and I believe in that creation is the purpose of the life and meaning to our existence. The answer to the question of “what is the meaning of life?” is actually in the question “What have you created today?”. Power of creation is in our hands, the question is do we use that power to create.

So the question to you is “what have you created today?”


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